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Navigate from high-level summary balances down to transactional detail, across, and back again with desktop performance

There is an easy way to investigate and validate your data and report over the Cloud

FullFAT resolves the challenges of reporting over the Cloud, providing the end user with in-memory visualisation and interrogation of tens of millions of rows of data, directly from your desktop or device.

Cost Savings:

Adopting simple excel formats reduced training costs across the board. Reports are easy to build, modify and clone; development and ongoing maintenance are a fraction of the alternative of training users to build and operate reports directly from the ERP .  

Ease of Use:

Data and structures are clearly sign posted, dynamic slicers mean that users can always see what options are available and can quickly slice and drill from summary balances to detail. Simplicity allows users to instantly 'what if' and prototype different filter and views to develop previously unobtainable insights. Once satisfied, reports can simply be locked and saved for future use.  Users love being able to investigate and develop alternative views and insights into their data, whilst all the time building confidence and learning just how easy reporting can be.

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