Mapping and Loading

Quickly configure our advanced mapping process on your desktop without specialist IT skills

Accurate mapping of interface feeds is critical

Good data starts with consistent and accurate mapping of source to target structures.

The FullFAT mapping templates guide you through the setup and operation of the entire process enabling the end user to create and maintain what is traditionally a core IT build.


Giving the business data owner the ability to trigger, validate and correct mappings before they are loaded, or have a chance to fail in 'over night runs' ensures the data loading is always timely, responsive and accurate. Mappings are easy to update and test with full validation. Once promoted users trigger the production of the ready-to-load journal files without restrictive schedules.


The entire process takes minutes not hours. Users are better-equipped building familiarity with full sight of the end to end data journey.


  • Highlight unmapped lines

  • Build sophisticated mappings across multiple files in hours not weeks 

  • Trace rules triggered line by line

  • Single process from source to journal

  • Template driven, no coding required

  • Ability to handle simple or complex rule sets

  • Drop down menus guide the user through the available options

  • Easily filter and validate patterns for intuitive creation of rules