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Journal Drill Down

Navigate from high-level summary balances down to transactional detail, with desktop performance 

Drill from balances to detailed transactions and back again

With JDD users can move for high-level summary reports down to full transactional detail. In just a few clicks users can move seamlessly through the entire data set. Slicers continuously update to signpost and guide the user to show what is possible based on the underlying structures, keeping the user fully aware of potential avenues of investigation at all times.


When working over the Cloud the user is limited to small bite-sized views of data. Small views mean a user must submit multiple queries, the cycle time of which means interrogation becomes awkward and unwieldy. Users become distracted, lose focus and key insights can be lost.


All JDD reports link to a single source of fully reconciled data. Reports are always current, minimising the chance of stale data and the overhead associated when there is a need to reconcile disparate datasets.


With JDD accessing full data is as simple as opening a spreadsheet. Users can easily navigate building knowledge and confidence with every click.

  • Load 10's of millions of rows of data directly to your desktop

  • Drill from summary balances to detail line transactions (and back again) in seconds

  • ​​Easily see what is filtered in and importantly - what is filtered out

  • ​​​Save your views for later use or to share with colleagues

  • Familiar Excel environment 

  • Easily learnt, minimal training

Drill down plays a critical role in a rapid, agile delivery of Cloud integrated systems


Users are encouraged to engage with the system at the earliest possible opportunity. Transparent data and easy to use tools allow users to test and prototype, improving engagement and confidence.


Simple and clear reporting, when combined with a transparent and flexible mapping process, makes it easy for users to prototype and work towards efficient design. Full and easy access to data also simplifies the testing and validation.


The flexibility of the JDD means the number of reports can be kept to a minimum, simplifying the reporting landscape, reducing development times and on-going maintenance costs. 

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