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Multi Dimension Reporting

Create sophisticated reporting templates to automatically populate your regulatory reporting

Summary reports through easy to use reporting tools

Easily build and refine your core reporting extracts e.g. MI, Tax and Regulatory reports.


Keeping the link to your primary book of records and final reports is critical to maintaining a full audit trail and avoiding costly reconciliation processes.  

Report numbers can be traced back to the primary records and back to the source transactions. Linking to the single source ensures reports are always current, minimising the need for rework and standalone extracts.


End users can populate sophisticated templates with no need for coding. Easy to use, easy to create and quick to run, allowing users to perfect reports without having to learn complex reporting tools or rely on IT services to make changes.


Full transparency means users can drill from summary to supporting detail to easily validate results and understand the detailed numbers used to drive management and regulatory reports.


  • Automate sophisticated template driven outputs

  • Create complex column row intersect reports that would traditionally require IT coding

  • Reports built directly from journal level detail

  • No need for complex reconciliations

  • Fully automate the creation of statutory, regulatory, tax reports etc

  • Easy to audit and trace back to core data

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