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Consultancy Services

Structuring your data for smooth integration of legacy systems

FullFAT specialises in the operational integration of Oracle Fusion Cloud SAAS

Building an integrated Cloud SAAS is not the same as building similar functionality in-house.  


The efficient design of data models and utilising the right tool for the right job is critical. Knowing your supplier's software is vital given there is limited opportunity to customise or build workarounds in the SAAS environment.


The FullFAT team are experts when it comes to setting up and configuring Oracle Fusion. We have the experience to avoid the pitfalls when working in high volume and highly regulated environments.

FullFAT's product set has been tailored to complement Oracle Fusion and address the challenges of integrating your legacy systems into your Cloud structures.


If you would like to talk to us and understand how we can help implement your Cloud vision, or address issues within your existing Cloud Apps, please 'contact us'.

Validation, Reassurance, Resolution


FullFAT are comfortable working with your existing partners using our experience as a sounding board and assurance to secure success.  Post implementation FullFAT are experts in liaising with your Cloud supplier to ensure that issues are clearly articulated, are treated with the priority they deserve and are resolved through clear and targeted communication.


When dealing with your supplier concise analysis and clear articulation of the problem is critical.  At FullFAT we have the experience to investigate and analyse ongoing issues and work with the supplier to ensure rapid and effective resolution.

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