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Cloud ERP build and reporting accelerator and enablers

Since implementing the first ever Oracle Fusion ERP within Insurance, way back in 2013

We've made it our business to make Cloud implementation and reporting easy.

About Fullfat

At Fullfat, we specialise in Cloud ERP. Our experience, methods and accelerators meld to ensure your implementation is a first time success, whilst saving both time and resource.
Our clients benefit from the visibility, validated design, and the extra certainty that comes from having an expert advocate at their side.

Once Implemented, our reporting tools overcome the challenges of Cloud reporting, providing full, unfettered and virtually instant access to all of your financial data.


  • Full data 360+ times faster

  • Tens of milllions of rows

  • Pre-loaded single spreadsheet

  • Familiar Excel front end ease of use

  • Accurate, formula-free, unbreakable

  • BI and DWH of choice ready

  • Full transaction and invoice detail

  • Fully automated: never extract data again

  • Material cost savings

  • Material efficiency gains

An unfortunate truth:  users often feel underwhelmed when they get their hands on their new ERP.  Access to data is slow 

  • 50% saving time and resource

  • 2-3 times faster migrations

  • Build, map and  load in days not weeks

  • Pre-built ERP ready export files

  • Posting and validation rules

  • Full transaction level audit trail

  • Clear analytics

  • Intuitive menu driven

  • No need for specialist IT skills

  • Quickly prototype and refine

Fullfat's powerful migration tool allows non-technical users to quickly import, map, design and refine data design to automate 

Delivery Assurance
  • Avoid costly implementation mistakes

  • Upfront validation of full data lineage and structures

  • Tactile sign-off of key designs

  • Clear build requirements upfront

  • Visualise data and structures before build and design is locked

  • Promotes user engagement throughout

  • Manage 3rd party implementer and suppliers

  • Trusted partner and business advocate

By combining our proprietary reporting and migration tools, users can visualise and validate data at the very earliest stages



“We have used Fullfat on many occasions over the years to implement our finance systems.  I have found that we can trust them to deliver and to know just what is needed to get the job done and keep our projects on track.  I have no hesitation in recommending their services”

Simon P, Chief Transformation & Operations Officer,  UK

Susan , Risk Accountant,  USA

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