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Reporting from the cloud should be easy - it can be!

Accelerate the time and clarity of your close cycle

All your data

All companies

All transactions

- at your fingertips

  • One reporting toolset across entire ERP

  • Quick and easy to install

  • No need for complex middleware

  • Scalable

  • Power BI and and DWH ready

  • Designed by users, for users

  • Fully controlled and verified data always

  • Intuitive, insightful and easy to use

  • Gain the confidence only full and accurate data can provide

  • Empowered happy users

  • You'll never need to export to excel again

All your ERP data -- but without the dance

Investigative and Discovery Tools

Journal Drill Down   JDD

Users want the ability to drill from balances to detailed transactions and back again without delay.  End users can produce flexible reports and quickly navigate through signposted data.

Accounts Payables Drill Down   APDD

Budget holders need to ensure costs are correctly allocated, the ability to drill from high-level report to invoice line detail is vital.

Consultancy Services

Integration of Oracle Fusion Cloud SAAS

Getting your lean design right is even more important when working across the Cloud.


FullFAT specialises in the integration of Oracle Fusion with the experience to use the right tool for the right job, keeping your data concise and efficient.

  • Design

  • Planning

  • Implementation

  • Validation and Reassurance

  • Post Implementation Support

  • Supplier Management

Multi Dimensional Reporting

Automate data extracts for external reporting packs 

Maintaining the link between your primary book of records and final reporting pack.


Single source of data secures efficiency of process and transparent audit trails.

Map and Load

Accurate mapping of interface feeds is critical

Good data starts with consistent and accurate mapping of source data. FullFAT mapping templates guide you through the setup and operation of the entire process enabling end users to create and maintain what is traditionally a core IT build.

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