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Faster, more efficient ERP
Implementation and Reporting

Experience, knowledge, advanced proprietary tools.

Faster ERP implementation.

Improved end user satisfaction

About Us

Our mission is simple: make Orale Cloud ERP implementation faster and more reliable, Make end user reporting quicker and easier.

Experience, proprietary tools, and know-how to get it right first time.

Avoid costly mistakes whilst accelerating delivery and reducing costs.

Cloud Reporting

Get to your data 100's of time faster.  Full, fast and instant data 

CloudReportingAsset 7.png

The simplest most intuitive tool available

Low cost, super quick and easy to install

The End User tool of choice

80% reduction in reporting overheads


Keep your project on track and get it right first time

ImplementationCogAsset 9.png

Advanced methodology and tools

Reduced time and costs

Certainty of design and outcomes

No surprises, what you see is what you'll get

Migration and data accelerators

Non tech users build and refine full end to end data for guaranteed results

MigrationIconAsset 3.png

50% reduction in migration costs

3x faster migrations and integrations

Upfront validated data and requirements

The data you see is the data you get



“We have used Fullfat on many occasions over the years to implement our finance systems.  I have found that we can trust them to deliver and to know just what is needed to get the job done and keep our projects on track.  I have no hesitation in recommending their services”

Simon P, Chief Transformation & Operations Officer,  UK

Susan , Risk Accountant,  USA

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